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Our Team.

Each member of our team brings something unique inspiring nonprofit excellence. Established in 2014, The Jeff Cohen Charitable Foundation is a 501c3 devoted to making a positive difference in Plymouth and the surrounding South Shore communities. Our primary focus is to raise funds for those who need it most. Whether it be that they are in need of financial support from suffering a great loss,  providing financial relief to someone as they go through their cancer treatments or financially supporting the hardships of a life saving surgical procedure. We are always looking for new donors, and sponsors to get involved with the JCCF. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you start a foundation?

I've always admired philanthropists and thought one day it would be nice to have my own foundation. I know it sounds odd, but many years ago I was impressed when I met a couple who were very young and had a family charitable foundation I think at that moment I decided I would have a charitable foundation myself that could make a difference in the community. By this point I had already been hosting charitable events and helping raise money for different organizations. Being a member of my local Rotary club also exposed me to a lot of charitable events. In Rotary we are taught service above self.

Where does your money go when you donate?

The longest running event I have is my Halloween party, 2024 marks my 27th annual Halloween Benefit. This only became a benefit within the last ten years, and each year we choose a family that has suffered a loss. Be it a parent or child, when we see a need we are there to help. Everyone involved with my events volunteers their time. I do not take a salary nor do I expect to be paid. Therefore other than the companies that we hire to perform a service for our event, we are able to donate the majority of the proceeds.

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